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H1B Extension & Transfer at the same Time.

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  • H1B Extension & Transfer at the same Time.

    Hi Team.

    I am Currently Working for Employer A on H1B. Employer A filled my extension on 15th September & my current Visa is Valid till 30th Sept.

    Now I got a good offer from a US based company B. Can I ask them to my file H1b petition , So that I will start working for Employer B?

    Note: My Visa validity is already expired few days ago. And I am on 240 days notice as per the extension policy & working for company A.

    Please suggest if I can switch and ask company B to file the Petition for me or I need to wait till my Company A's petition is Approved?

    Thank you

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    Seniors - Please help.


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      Search and read about bridging. It is better you wait for company A's petition to get approved before you file a transfer since your I-94 has already expired.
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