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academic credential evaluation report

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  • academic credential evaluation report

    My h1 petition is approved.
    Along with I-129 petition, academic credential evaluation report was submitted as a petition supporting document. I have completed my B.TECH degree in ABC university, where as the Credential evaluation report is saying that I have completed B.TECH in XYZ university. When I checked this point with my employer, they have sent me updated credential evaluation report. I have got the updated Credential evaluation report as a separate document but the same correction did not happen in the petition supporting document, which was submitted along with petition.
    1. Does the updated Credential evaluation report will suffice for h-1 interview ? (Also, I will show all my original Transcripts and certificates as a proof that I have completed my B.TECH at ABC university).
    2. Do I need to raise this point upfront before I was asked ?
    Immediate help is highly appreciated. Thanks.