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Revoked H1-B Transfer -- Please help

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  • Revoked H1-B Transfer -- Please help


    I am seeking your help here. I got my H1-B approved by employer "A" on April 21 2015 while still on post MBA OPT that is valid until end of march 2016. Got laid off from employer "A" on July 2015 and the H1-B was revoked on August 31st 2015. Now I found employer "B" who is willing to sponsor H1-B transfer in October 2015. My question is:

    IS it possible for employer "B" to sponsor the transfer a cap exempt H1-B (based on master degree) or has to be a fresh filing? I am still in status anyway based on my OPT where I had to enroll in an additional class to buy myself sometime to find another job.

    I'd much appreciate any help.

    Thanks in advance.