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Travelling outside U.S. on H4 EAD, need stamping?

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  • Travelling outside U.S. on H4 EAD, need stamping?


    I was on h1B visa until a month ago and recently got my H4 EAD. Now, I am planning to visit India on H4 EAD. Do I need to get the H4 visa stamped to re-enter U.S? If yes, can i get it done thru Mexico instead of India. Additional details about me:

    The first time I entered U.S, I was on h4 in and got the visa stamped in India in 2009 and then i converted to H1 and got that stamped in 2013. Now i am back on h4 and have an h4 EAD.

    Please confirm:

    - If I would need some stamping to re-enter U.S? Is there a special stamping for H4 EAD?
    - Can I get the stamping done thru Mexico?


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    You will need a valid H4 visa to enter U.S in H4 status. If you won;t have a valid H4 visa as of the date of your return, then you need to get one stamped.
    Change of status stamping is not allowed in Mexico.
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