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Risks in simultaneously filed H1 petitions

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  • Risks in simultaneously filed H1 petitions

    Hello everyone,
    I am currently working with company A on H1-B visa which is good upto 2017. I recently got an offer from conpany B and they filed for a new petition in premium processing. It took a while for them to apply during which time I got another offer from C. B's petition will get approved in a couple of days and they will soon expect me to give 2 weeks notice to A.

    My question is, how do I decline B's offer and continue to work with A while C's petition gets approved? I mean, at some point of time, there will be 2 petitions, one each from A and B. Or it could be worse and there could be 3 petitions. How do I ensure that my H1-B status remains intact and have a safe transfer to C? Are there any risks involved? Please help.

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    If you are still working for employer A, then you are good. If you are not interested in joining employer B, then you can decline their offer and continue with employer A. There is no complication with your H1B status here. Later employer C can file a transfer (from A to C) and when that gets approved, you can either decide to stay with employer A or join C. But once you join B or C, you cannot go back to A without filing a transfer.

    Just a note: There is a lot of money involved in filing a H1B transfer, especially when filed in premium. So filing multiple petitions is just a waste of time and money for these employers. Pick the right employer an join them.
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