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H1B notice received, but case not processed yet

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  • H1B notice received, but case not processed yet

    MY wife's H1B was applied by an employer on April, 1st, 2015, which was picked in lottery but has not been processed yet.
    Employer says that USCIS is still processing the case and they are overburdened this year.
    It is already October so I am surprised how come USCIS is still has not processed or taken any decision on the case yet ?
    Is there a way I can find out what is happening with the application other than asking the employer ?

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    Get the receipt number from the employer and check the case status online. Apart from that there is nothing much you could do other than to trust the employer. It is possible that USCIS raised an RFE on the case and the employer responded back. All cases without an RFE might have been closed prior to Oct 1st.

    You can also upgrade the case to premium and get the decision within 15 days.
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