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extending H4 visa with a different passport

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  • extending H4 visa with a different passport

    Hi guys, I am currently holing a Chinese passport with H4 visa, and visa will expire in Feb next year. In two weeks time I am going to have an Australian passport. I am wondering if I want to extend my stay with my Australian passport, can I extend my H4 visa using I-539 form? Do I have to apply a new visa?

    Thank you!!!!

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    Visa is only an entry document to U.S. You don't need to have a valid H4 visa in the passport to stay in U.S. You only need a valid I-94 associated with your H4 status to stay legally in the country. To extend your H4 I-94, you need to file form I-539 before your current I-94 expires. You will need to mention your new passport details while filling up form I-539.
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