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H1B Change of Status from F2

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  • H1B Change of Status from F2

    Hi folks,

    I have an a scenario wherein I have approved H1 B visa. My current legal status in US is F2. I am looking for job opportunities. Most of the time I end of getting offers from Employers who would want me to transfer me on their payroll.

    Now my question is...

    Is it permissible to take the offer of full time employment with different employer even before starting to work on H1B visa, and moreover I am still to file the change of status? Is it mandatory for me to work for the employer who filed my H1B petition prior working for any other employer?

    I would really appreciate your counsel on the situation if any of you might have come across such...

    Many thanks..

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    You can attend interview and take job offers while you are in F2 status. However, you cannot work for anyone before your COS from F2 to H1B gets approved. In recent times, there are several RFEs when a transfer is filed before working for the employer who filed the H1B under a brand new CAP. But they are case by case basis. If any employer is ready to file the COS, then go with it. If it gets approved, you can begin working for the employer.
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