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***H1B Visa Renewal DROP BOX Steps & Tips***

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  • ***H1B Visa Renewal DROP BOX Steps & Tips***

    Hi All,

    I am yet to submit all docs at Pune Stanley office (will be doing next month), but thought of sharing and giving back to this helpful website my Application process experience.

    Just yesterday I finished applying for H1B visa renewal through the website (sitting here in USA).

    Steps & some tips if you guys find it useful

    1) Filled new DS160 (took max 2hrs)
    2) Logged In to Visa website (profile was already created last year in 2014)
    3) Filled all details step by step until the Yellow page questions
    4) Answer YELLOW Page questions logically in YES and NO and automatically next screen shows Drop Box eligibility
    5) Next step is to pay the fee (I paid via ICICI NEFT transfer)
    6) MRV fee receipt activation takes the next India business working day around 9am IST. DO NOT enter manually the MRV number in Visa Login as it throws up the error. On 2 occasions, 2014 & now, my MRV was activated the next working day IST (basically few hours from USA night time)
    6.1) In 2014 I got automated email for MRV activation. But yesterday no email was received. But after login in next day, a dialogue box appeared in Visa Login indicating activated MRV
    7) The NEXT & LAST step is the Drop Box page, After MRV activation the next page generates Drop Box Confirmation letter. Save a .pdf file.

    Thats it!!! you are done with the process. Now I will go to VFS Pune in Dec2015 & submit the documents.

    ***IMP*** In Drop Box method NO SEPARATE MRV Receipt page is generated. The Receipt number is included in the Drop Box Letter***


    1. DS160 Confirmation page
    2. Drop box CONFIRMATION Letter (it contains the MRV Receipt no. as well)
    3. Passport New & Old(if it has valid visa)
    4. I797 - Original
    5. PHOTO, Qty 1

    A very streamlined process overall!!