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H1B Transfer My experiance

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  • H1B Transfer My experiance

    Hello All
    Thanks a lot for this forum and it helped me a lot for my H1B transfer.

    Guys, wanted to share my experience with my h1b transfer ( i felt it is complicated case) and hope it helps any one who are in my situation..

    This year I have applied my H1B with change of status and it was picked in the lottery(I was on H4).
    My H1B approved on Sept 28th and got approval H1B from october 1st (employer A).
    My previous employer(Employer A) haven't shared any H1B approval copy (even I94 details).
    I got another opportunity in October and initiated my H1B transfer(through Employer B) (19th October) and got RFE on 28th october.
    RFE is mainly on my employer to client relation and my immigrant status till 19th
    My previous employer(Employer A) withdrawn my petition on November 5th.
    My new employer (Employer B) responded RFE on 13th November and Got approved on 19th November.
    For employer to client relation, we took client letter. For non immigrant status some how we are able to convenience USCIS that my previous employer not shared any approval notice(with the email conversation).

    Hope it helps