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Get a E2 visa instead of extending H1-B

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  • Get a E2 visa instead of extending H1-B

    The new trend within my company (Spanish engineering/construction company with several american branches throughout the US) is to switch to an E2 visa at the end of the initial 3-year H1-B period, instead of extending the H1-B. I understand this is a step back in the process of eventually obtaining the Green Card, I guess it can also be obtained when having an E2 but it would make more sense to just extend the H1-B and then apply for the green card.

    I would really appreciate it if any of you guys could advise of what exactly the consequences of accepting this change will mean towards finally getting the Green Card. As far as I know:

    -The E2 can be renewed countless times whereas the H1-B is extended once and then you would apply for a Green Card, thus the E2 does not really lead to a green card.
    -No minimum wage requirements like the ones for H1-B (I also suspect that if the H1-B extension is done, filling the extension documents would require a revision of your wage, i.e. a new Labor Condition Application, therefore if your responsibility in the company has grown substantially this will mean changing to a higher level wage...)

    Thanks y'all!