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Travelling soon after my h1b visa interview

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  • Travelling soon after my h1b visa interview

    Hi ,
    Here is what happened to me:
    I thought i was eligible for drop box .. so i filled the application accordingly , but at the VAC center i was told you have to give an interview , so I took the interview date for Dec 10th 2015.. Now at Dec 19th 2015 I am travelling to Thailand... I am not sure whether I will get my passport in time for my travel . Is it possible to request the consulate to do a faster processing , if I show them my tickets for my travel?

    Please advice on what i should do.

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    There is expedited process for visa stamping. What if they need more time to decide whether to issue you the visa or not (admin processing)? Even after a successful visa stamping, it can take 2 weeks to get the passport back. So if you need your passport to travel to another country, then the best option is to postpone your visa interview. Give the interview when you return back.
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