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  • H4 docs query


    I have a H1B interview at Chennai on Feb-15th and since i wasnt able to accomodate my dependants on the same day, I chose March-1st as their interview dates.
    My question is If i get H1B stamped on Feb-15th, when my dependants go on March-1st will the visa officer ask or query for primary visa holders salary stubs or US bank a/c statements. etc ?
    I plan to goto US sometime in april. So whats best to do, should i re-book my slot so that i accompany my dependants and goto interview or continue with the present slots ?
    Please help

    - Ravi

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    i see an issue in this

    There will be an issue because it is coming in 15 day gap...greter chances of rejection..but if you show good bank balance...say 25000 USD (convert to INR) and prove that you have enough funds to support your wife...then she may get it...80% chance

    ---Not a Lawer----Cannot be construed as Legal Advise--Dont know american law


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      adivse you to get your visa first

      i would love to hear the good news from you that you have got the visa
      then you can break your head on other things...

      nothing is certain about USA Visa..so NEVER COUNT YOUR CHICKENS

      ---not a american legal lawful advise