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Can i invest in stocks while I am on H1?

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  • Can i invest in stocks while I am on H1?

    Coudl anybody carify this doubt that Ive been having. Is it ok to invest in stocks and mutual funds while I am on a H1B visa?

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    Better to get advise, any of from Dalal Street!! in Mumbai or CNBC TV18.
    what man. Are you crazy.

    This is not the right platform to DISCUSS right and
    this is the Good site /Platform to Discuss the ISSUES on various VISA's. Please Cooperate. I hope you realise now.



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      human behaviour example

      hey , its funny .

      if u already got visa u should help others in this site
      donn act selfishly asking how to invest in stocks....think abt people worried waiting for h1 in this site ...i feel this is normal human behaviour ...till u get h1 u ask abt DS 156 after that u ask abt STOCK EXCHANGE.

      Nice na..


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        Thanks for your support dear friends...

        Well done

        With Regards,


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          Sorry....didnt realise that how it appeared to sound.
          Actually i was having some other type of issue with my H1 so just posted here .
          But just to be clear... if the forum section is for H1..can't i just ask a simple question related to that. I mean-- this issue is pertaining to what you can and cannot do on H1.

          I just wantedto know what all I can do on my H1 status-- i'mnot trying to make fun of anyone or anything but you have to realise that there are other people here on this forum who have been on H1 for years and just want some more clarificatiosn about that.

          thats all!!