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H1 Help Needed . Please respond

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  • H1 Help Needed . Please respond

    Hi All,

    I attended Chennai consulate on 4th Jan and the VO has given 221g for Marketing Analysis and he asked me to send through TTS . I sent the docs on 18th of Jan -06 and on 28th Jan I just received the Passport and Visa issuance DD . There was no 221g form with the passport. And when I called up the consulate they said it is under Administrative processing. And they have not even given the time line. They said I have to wait till they contact me back.

    Now I have one more H1 petition cleared from Other Employer. He booked an appointment with VFS , but in Dehli. What are the chances of getting the Visa this time? And will there be any problem if I go for the interview when my other case is under Administartive processing? This Employer is Very Big and have about 3000 Consultants working for me.

    Waiting for suggestions.


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    Please reply

    Hi All,

    Please reply if any one have idea on this