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  • Additional Information requested - H1b


    I am Indian Citizen yesterday I attended for US VISA with Family in European country (where I am staying since 2 years) small info was missing VO asked to email it and my VISA would be approved and Passport are kept with US Embassy.

    My European VISA is expiring in next 20 days and my current status is Administrative Processing and learnt that this status may take 60 days or more to process also. can someone advise how to proceed with this?


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    Well, AP can take time. It depends on case by case basis. It is hard to say if you will get your passport back in 20 days. You can write a letter to the consulate and explain them the situation. Let them know that your European visa is expiring and you need the passport because you cannot stay in the country post 20 days. The problem is, they may either give your passport back with the H1B visa or if the AP is still under process, they will return it back and will decline the visa. You can apply again in your home country.
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