I have applied for my H1B & H4 renewal. I haven't received any notification yet.
I need to schedule an appointment at Mumbai consulate for both H1B & H4 stamping in the same slot. When I tried scheduling it I am required to fill DS156, DS 157 & HiB-petition details.
Here are few questions that I have:
1) Can I use my original H1B to schedule an appointment or would I need to wait till I get my new H1B?
2) Can I just use the renewal application receipt to schedule the appointment. This receipt might not have an valid to date on it.
3) On DS156, there is a column that says, How long do you intend to stay in U.S., What should be the correct answer for that. While filling electronic form there is no way I can say "till H1"
4) On DS157, for the column that asks Full Name of the contact person or Prganization, What should I put? I thought I could put my company's name, but the address field below that automatically pulls up my current address in U.S.

Any help with these questions will be highly appreciated.