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  • H1 Documentation

    What is the chance of rejection rate.I mean even if we provide all the mandatory & genuine documents but the employer do not have a very big client,still a genuine registered company what is the chance of rejection rate.Once visa is rejected ,will that be a black mark for ever.
    I provide the following details please asess..

    B E Electronics from Univ of Madras
    around 3yrs(out of which 2 Years from a Very big MNC & CMM level 5 Company) of Solid IT exp
    All mandatory documents like Genuine Offer letters,prev Exp letters,Degree certificates etc.. are provided
    Microsoft Certified Application Developer.
    Client invitation letter is also provided.
    Project description letter is also provided

    I just want to know ,if the required VISA cap is met,just to tell us a reason they will reject H1b or no matter what ever may be the client or how bigger/smaller it is ,if we provide provide all requested documents genuinely,visa will be granted.
    Please Help in this Regard.
    Please reply as soon as possible, as i am desperately waiting for it.

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    PLease Help_Regarding_H1

    Please donot ignore this mail, as it is desperate to me
    When should our documents reach for this April CAP..
    Can any one tell me,whether 221G is always issed for candidates aprart from standard Employers clients like Infosys etc..
    My employer is not that big but still has some standard clients and I have been invited by the client geniuinely,do this suffice the VISA officer or he will need any further clarification by issuing 221G??

    Please post you invaluble suggestions.
    Thanks and regards


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      Issuance of h1B depends upon the fulfilment of all the requisite parameters. It will not be refused just because the end client is not big. But it is in your hands what documentation you provide to support your contention that this is a genuine company and the offer is genuine. If you think client is small, take the supporting documents like letter from the client, nature of the project, your qualifications and how it fits into the role, photos, contracts between the employer and client, etc.
      All the best.


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        Thanks a lot Veena for your invaluable suggestion.
        I am going to submit all my documents by the first week of march
        Will that be enough to get into by this September/October.
        and by the time I get the intervew call I will have around 3Yrs(2Yrs.9Months)of IT experience + BE(Electronics from Univ of Madras)from a Very big company.Will this satisfies the VISA Officer
        because I have seen lots of 221g's because of Education veriicfication.

        Thanks and Regards