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H1B terminologies and current status

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  • H1B terminologies and current status

    Hi Shervin,

    I am currently back in India and I am interested to go back to US.

    Find below a brief summary of my H1B

    · Petition was approved in Sep 2013
    · Got stamping done in Feb 2013
    · Initial validity period on stamping – 13 Mar 2013 to 11 Oct 2014
    · Travelled to US on 14 Mar 2014
    · Applied for a visa extension in June 2014
    · Revised visa validity period – 02 Oct 2014 to 12 Dec 2015
    · Came back to India on 23rd Dec 2015

    Based on the above, can you help me with the following questions?

    If I receive an opportunity after 1 year, can I use my existing H1B cap? Or should I go through the lottery system all over again?
    If I travel before 365 days, should I go for stamping again?
    How many years have I already spent on my H1B cap? Is the clock based on petition approval or visa stamping or I797?
    If someone asks me my current H1B status, what is the response I can give?
    What is the difference between petition, stamping on the passport, I94 and I797?

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    You posted the exact same questions and it was already answered. Check your previous post.
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