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  • H1 Transfer without paystubs...


    I am currently on L1 working for employer A. My I94 status is L1.

    I have applied for H1 COS through a Company B in 2015 and got it approved In June 2015.I couldn't proceed with Company B and wanted to continue on L1 with employer A. So i travelled out of country and came back to US later in October 2015 on L1 petition. I now have my I94 with L1 and continuing to work for Company A and i have all the paystubs from Company A.

    I am interested to explore new opportunities. But i am not sure to proceed as i don't know if H1 transfer to a new company C would succeed without paystubs from Company B who filed my H1. Request your advice.

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    You don't need any payslips from B since you never worked for B. If the employer did not revoke the H1B petition before Oct 1st and if you have a copy of that approval notice, then you can file a COS from L1 to h1B with any U.S employer at any time under CAP exempt category.
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