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Applying for H1 after 1 year break in employment

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  • Applying for H1 after 1 year break in employment

    Hello !

    I was working in the US on an H1 until late 2014. My contract ended, I couldn't find an alternate job right away and so after talking to the Immigration Attorney, I came back to India immediately. Took a break from work, got engaged last year year and the wedding is now planned for mid-2016 after some delays. So I started my job search through one of my previous employer, I cracked an interview and have received a project confirmation. I have not been working for the past 1+ years now.
    I have my visa interview in a couple of weeks,

    1. If someone has been thru a similar situation, I wanted to know as to what I can expect to be asked in the interview.

    2. I don't hold a bank account here in India and have been using my Dad's bank account for money transfers. Are bank statements mandatory?

    3. I read some online materials that stressed the importance of showing a strong connection to the home country. Are there any good ideas/proofs that work better?

    Appreciate any suggestions!