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H4 to H4 Visa Transfer

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  • H4 to H4 Visa Transfer

    Hi ,

    I was with employer A and transferred my H1 Visa to employer B and got approved recently.when i did that i wanted my employer B to file for my wife's H4 visa also to be transferred to them.For some reason they have not filed along with me and they have delayed and still i dont know the status of her H4 Visa transfer.Now I want to apply for her H1 Visa this fiscal year.My questions are as follows:

    1) Will I be possible to file the H1 Visa for her with the existing H4 Visa from employer A which is valid till next year ?.

    2) Will there be a Receipt number for H4 to keep track off as I havent yet got a receipt number for her H4 Visa from my employer B ?.

    3) How long doest it normally take for the H4 - H4 Transfer ?.

    Please advice.