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Visa Stamping process after H1b Transfer for self and dependents

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  • Visa Stamping process after H1b Transfer for self and dependents

    I am currently in the US on H1B from my employer A. My current H1B visa is valid up to Sep 2016 and was issued in India.

    I am in process of joining other employer B in the US and my H1B will be transferred in about couple of weeks with premium processing. No formalities done for my wife, who's also here with me on H4 visa with same visa expiry date of Sep 2016.

    I am planning to travel to India along with my wife (after my H1B transfer is done) in month of Mar 2016.

    Going through the following site, I realized that I meet all criteria for drop box for H1B renewal (though I have not verified, but will be verifying that soon after filling DS-160 while booking an appointment).

    So what will be procedure for visa stamping of my wife for H4? Will it be the same case of drop-box, as long as she meets all conditions mentioned on above link? Or do I have submit any forms (along with my H1B transfer here in the US itself) for my wife to the US consulate?
    What all documents will be needed for her during stamping in India and/or also here in the US, if we DO need to submit any forms/documents in the US as well?

    Please clarify.


    - Sagar