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H1 Ext stamping query

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  • H1 Ext stamping query


    I had my first H1 visa stamped in India, expired in Sept 2014, got 2nd H1 extension renewed Feb 2016. Planning to visit India after May 2016. I believe, I will not qualify for Dropbox facility. Correct me if I'm wrong.
    I've been hearing about H1b holders getting questioned in detail at the port of entry, are there any case of rejections at embassy or sent back to India at port of entry recently. I've all the documents except the client letter, but manager can provide a letter saying they cannot provide client letter as per their company policy, mind you this is a big government company in USA, it is just their company policy(kinda sucks for consultants). Is this going to be a problem? Two of my friends cancelled their India visit, worrying about the questioning at port of entry. One friend has client letter with only 9 months. Another friend has stamping, qualified for Dropbox, still not taking the risk to visit India at the moment. I really want to visit India now for personal reasons. Any insights on this matter would be helpful.