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Possible to renew H1B visa in a Caribbean country?

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  • Possible to renew H1B visa in a Caribbean country?

    I need to renew my H1B visa, and while it is suggested I do this in the US consulate in the country where my passport was issued (New Zealand), I have heard of other types of visas (Eg E3) being renewed, without issue, in Caribbean countries that have US embassies/consulates.

    I live in NY, so it would be difficult to get time off work and very expensive to go all the way back to New Zealand for the visa stamping.

    So does anyone know if it possible to renew my H1B in a Caribbean country that is not my home country and where I am not a resident?

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    Technically you can apply in any country, however home country is recommended. If you don't plan on leaving the US in near future, you don't have to get a Visa just for the sake of it. You are allowed to stay in the US as long as your I-94 is valid.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.