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IMPT::::: H1 Status during job change...

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  • IMPT::::: H1 Status during job change...

    Hi All,

    I am in USA currently on H1B Visa.

    I am currently with employer A.
    I have got an offer from employer B.
    Employer B has filed my H1 in premium and got it approved as well.
    I asked employer B to give me time till March 14th for joining.
    If I put down my paper tomorrow with current employer (employer A), there is a chance that he could relieve me even in next 3-4 days
    I have anyway asked employer B if I could join before March 14th, for which I am yet to get a reply.

    If the current employer asks me to leave early, then I would not be in the payroll of either employer A or employer B (that is till March 14th).
    In such a case, am I out of status? or Is there a chance that it could harm my status or any other processing in future with USCIS or DOL?
    Please suggest asap!!!!