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F1 to H1 to F1 to H1

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  • F1 to H1 to F1 to H1

    Hello friends,

    Let me explain my situation in a few bullet points:
    • I came to US on F1 visa in 2011 and completed my MS in 2013. After graduation, I joined a Company on my OPT and am working for the same Company ever since.
    • My Employer filed my H1 in 2014 and I am on H1b from October 2014. Employer also filed a Visa extension valid until September 2018.
    • I went to India for stamping and I have H1 stamped on my Passport valid until September 2018.
    • Currently, my Employer is currently filing my Perm.

    Now, I am planning to pursue a Fulltime MBA from a highly reputed School (one of the top 3). I am looking to join the school in August 2017. Please help me with the below doubts I have:

    1. How should I apply for F1 visa?
    2. As my Employer is currently filing my GC, will it affect my F1 visa?
    3. I have read that - As I have already worked on my OPT, I will not get OPT after MBA graduation. Is that true?
    4. After MBA graduation, do I need to apply for a new H1b or can I extend the H1b that I currently hold? An addition to this question – If my I-140 gets approved before I join school on August 2017, is it going to help me in any way?
    5. It would be great if anyone would suggest how I should proceed for this H1 to F1 to H1(after MBA graduation).

    Appreciate your time.