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H1B Name Correction After Visa Stamped

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  • H1B Name Correction After Visa Stamped

    Dear All ,

    I have queries regarding my name correction ( Spelling Change ) on my Passport , I have just moved to USA and want to get my Surname spelling change. Below is the

    entire scenario for which I need the changes to be done asap.

    1. All my Indian documents ( Ids and Educational proofs ) have my correct Surname while My passport and Petition have the spelling mistake in my Surname.

    Correct : abc xyz ( In all my Indian Documents and in my Marriage certificate )
    Incorrect : abc xhyz ( In Passport and petition , Stamped Visa , I-9 , I-94 )

    2. Since all my indian documents are having the correct name, my Marriage certificate is also having the same correct spelling ( abc xyz ) with reference to the

    correct documents.

    3. My petition is valid till 15-Nov-16 and extension needs to be filled in the month of May-16.

    4. If I get the new passport with corrected name then will there be any issue having the different name on my Visa , Petiiton , I-9 and I-94.New and does the old

    passport linked with any reference detail since my visa is stamped on the old one.

    5. Is it required to amend the petition ? if required then is it possible to file petition extension and amendment together with old or new passport details.

    6. Visa extention will be filed with the old passport details or with the new passport details.

    7. If I get my new passport with correct name and do not get my petition and visa changed as per my new passport ,would it be possible for my wife to travel with H4

    dependent visa using my current petition which doesnt have updated name.

    8. I want my wife to travel as soon as possible on H4 dependent visa , please suggest me the most suitable way as on my marriage certificate and my wife's passport I have my correct name ( abc xyz ).

    9. If I got the new passport then do I need to apply for change in my SSN and bank Statement , I-94 and I-9 form to compliant for my wages and tax records.

    Thanks in advance , please answer my question as I want my wife to travel asap with correct process .