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  • H1B transfer - RFE


    Please read my case and give your inputs.

    I came here with H1B visa on may 2015 to NJ.
    From September I moved to client location in IL and working here as contract employee but still under employer A
    who is paying me from NJ.
    By December my client applied for H1B transfer for me in premium processing.
    Now the case is in RFE asking for all my paystubs from may till now.
    Also asking why amendment hasnt been made for location change from NJ to IL.
    Employer A didnt file for my amendment because he doesnt want me to leave his company.Also I
    have only backdated paystubs for may to july.

    Now my client and their attorneys are suggesting that they reply to RFE with request to
    consular processing and goto Canada for stamping and come back and join client.

    My questions:

    1)Shall I go with my clients suggestion and go ahead and ask them to respond to RFE & apply for consular processing and goto canada for stamping?Will my case stand?

    2)My friends are saying to withdraw the case and wait 6 months and apply again with another employer.Is this a good option?

    3) My amendments hasnt been made so I fear if I go for stamping it will be rejected and I cant enter again.

    4) A friend of mine is a consultant and he is willing to do another H1B transfer immediately for me.Is this good?

    Please suggest your opinions on what I must do now.