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Change from F1 to H4

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  • Change from F1 to H4

    I am a H1B holder and I am expecting that my employer will start very soon with the green card petition process. I want to marry my boyfriend that just came to the US with a F1 visa two weeks ago. Until then we had a long distance relationship for two years and visiting each other for short periods of time.

    We plan to get married as soon as possible and apply for his H4 so he can stay with me.

    1. How long do we need to wait to get married and apply for his H4? I´ve been told that since he just came with a F1 it will be suspicious that we get married right away and his H4 may be denied. If that´s true what can we do to avoid that?

    2. How long does it take the status change from F1 to H4

    3. Can he stay with me until he gets the H4 if his F1 expires during the status change process?

    3. How much will cost the H4 process

    Any help will be appreciated,

    Thank you