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H1 B amendment - location change

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  • H1 B amendment - location change


    I am on H-1B and working from Home, worksite on my H-1b is my home address which is in PA. now last year i moved to GA in June. after moving i filed for H-1B amendment in July. but before filing amendment, USCIS visited my house on 1st week of July, and they happen to know, i moved from PA in June. they called my employer and called me, and asked basic questions, and after that, they mentioned all good.

    and post that, my H1B amendment happen and which got approved in August of last year,Now, I received a letter from USCIS regarding that move, and are revoking my old H-1B because i moved from my home,

    does any one know, if this would badly impact on my green card processing. Any response would be greatly appreciated...