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H 1 visa probelm (need insight)

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  • H 1 visa probelm (need insight)

    I graduated in May 2005, and started working in from June 2005. I had my OPT valid till May 2006. I applied for H1 with a start date of October 2005; I got my H1 visa starting November 2005. The main issue here is that I got the visa only till September 2006, i.e., less than a year. The lawyer who applied for my visa, also does not know the reason for this, he claims that the application was right from our side. I want to know what the reason could be to have a visa validity of less than a year. I have never heard of such a case, as all of my friends got it for three years. My lawyer has requested for amendment at least 2 months back, regarding the same, but never heard from UCICS.

    Did anyone face a similar situation before? Can you please let me know what the reason could be for this kind of a situation? Is there any way to rectify this, other than applying for extension again? Do u think that the request for amendment would work?

    I would greatly appreciate your response to my query.
    Thank you.