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H1 Amendment - More than one same time

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  • H1 Amendment - More than one same time

    My Original approved petition is for Location X and Company Y and its valid till Jun 2017.

    But I traveled to Location A on Mar 20 2015 with LCA. In the month of Jun 2015, Company Y filed the H1 amendment for Location A. But the H1B amendment is is currently in RFE in month of March 2016.

    Now Location A project is complete and got the confirmation from the other project for the same Company Y different Client for the Location B. I am going to initiate the H1 Amendment for Location B when the Location A Amendment is in RFE.

    1) In this case will the Location A amendment be invalid automatically eventhough in RFE status while new amendment is filed for Location B.
    2) Should I wait for approval on Amendment for Location A and apply amendment for Location B.