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Need info. regarding H1B visa restamping and H4

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  • Need info. regarding H1B visa restamping and H4

    [B]*** H1B visa restamping and H4 stamping ***

    Hi Folks,

    I need some clarification regarding H1B visa restamping and H4 stamping.

    I have a valid visa with Company X and recently I joined company Y and they did the H1 transfer. Now I am planning to go to India for my marriage, which I am planning to have sometime during May'06. I am from Kerala and I thought of having the interview at Chennai counslate, but I couldn't find any interview dates for May and it seems it is available in Delhi counslate.

    1. Can you please advise me whether I can opt for Delhi US-counslate?, as I am going for restamping and moreover I need to return to US immedietly.

    2. If I can get an appointment date in Delhi.. can I fix an appointment date for my fiancee too jointly? Or is there any restriction that she has to get it done only in Chennai as it is the nearest US counslate.

    Kindly let me know these details ASAP. My mail id:
    "[email protected]"

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Ph# 469-235-9192
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