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have H1B and C1 visas. what to use?

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  • have H1B and C1 visas. what to use?

    I am Indian working in Chile. I have C1 visa already. I have applied for H1B and I got it stamped in Chile very recently. Now I want to go back to India before joining new job in US with new H1B. So when I travel from Chile to India(through USA) I will be having both C1 and new H1B(H1B never used at port of entry before as it is stamped just now).

    What should I do>

    1. If I say, C1 at port of entry as it is transit visa. Will I have any problem as I also have H1B and not using it(Will I lose it and do I need to go to US consulate again for stamping)?

    2. If I say, H1B at port of entry and leave US the very same day , will there be any problem?