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H1b Stamping in India Very Urgent!!!

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  • H1b Stamping in India Very Urgent!!!

    Hi I am going for H1-b Stamping in 2016 in India.
    My PERM is under process. Issue: I have a speeding misdemeanor (80 in a 55 zone) from Apr 2012.

    In North Carolina Traffic Misdemeanors are dealt in Criminal Court and pleading guilty creates a criminal record.I paid fine of 30$ and court costs.

    Original Charge: Speeding(90/55) and reckless driving.The reckless driving charge was voluntarily dismissed by the State.Speeding was reduced to 80/55.I plead guilty to speeding conviction of 80/55 and it was entered as a Class 2 Misdemeanor in my record.

    I was not arrested or fingerprinted.I was travelling with family(wife and kid) when this happened.

    1. Has anybody with the above situation has an actual H1-B stamping done in India?

    2. If yes for #1 was there any delay or 221 g due to similar traffic offenses.

    3. Do this kind of offense needs to be declared in the DS-160 form?If yes do I need to disclose both charges or just 80/55.

    4. I request experts also to share their thoughts.

    5. Are there POE issues because of this.

    I have certified disposition from the court.Also I am going to get a writeup from immigration lawyer.Please advise if anything else is needed.
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    Hi h1b_2016, have you done your H1B stamping? Could you please share results? Thanks!