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H1,H4 extension staming when current Visa is valid

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  • H1,H4 extension staming when current Visa is valid


    I have a situation where my current H1B visa is valid through July 30. I have applied for extension and got mine approved for 1 year after JULY 30.
    I didn't apply extension for my family as they have to travel to india(They are currently in India). I am travelling on 1st of June and returning on 30th of JUNE.
    Can you please help answer the questions?

    1. Can my dependents(H4) go for stamping with my I797. Or do they need anything additional from USCIS
    2. Hence we will be going for stamping before Visa expiry, can we go for Dropbox, family and me?
    3. At the POE will they issue I94 with end date of new petition?

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    H1 & H4 Visa stamp through drop box


    we (Me & my family) went to India and got visa stamped in DEC'2015 through **drop box** and it is valid up to NOV'2016.
    I came back to USA alone and changed to new employer (B) in March'2016 and got new petition for me (lack of knowledge, submitted H4 (i539) change of status and it got declined since my family is not in US at the time of filing in March 2016).
    I will be travelling again to India in July and have to go for stamping again since change of new employer. Even though My family and I have valid stamping until NOV'2016 with old employer (A), I like to go for stamping again.

    My question is, I am expecting this also I may be eligible for drop-box to get the stamping. since my family don't have new H4 petition from employer B do they also eligible for dropbox with me based on my H1B approval notice? since I have already booked my return journey i am trying to get stamping all together through drop box before my return flight.

    much appreciated your response on this.