I have my H1B approved in 2014 while working with Company A on L1B visa in USA. I received my approved I-797B valid 2014-2017 without any I-94 attached to it. So my attorney said i had to go home country for stamping. But I left the Company A in August 2014 before the start of the H1B petition (1 Oct 2014) and moved to CANADA.

No H4 petition filed for my dependent from company A.

Now I have received a nice offer from Company B in USA while I am living as a PR in CANADA. They are willing to transfer my H1B petition.


1) Will the H1B transfer be possible? Give the fact that I left Company A before the start of H1B petition i.e. 1 Oct 2014 and never worked on H1B with Company A.
2) Can H4 petition for my dependent filed along with the H1 transfer (premium processing)? What is the typical processing time for H4 petition?
3) If the transfer of H1 is successful can I get it stamped in CANADA since I am a PR here and right now this is my home country?

Thank you