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Applying for H1B while having L1B Visa

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  • Applying for H1B while having L1B Visa

    I’m looking for suggestion or recommendation for below scenario.

    I had applied for H1B in Dec15/Jan 16 through my employer. As the probability of getting H1B lottery was very less, I applied for L1B and I received the L1B visa last month (Apr 2016). Recently I have got an update that my H1B application has been selected in lottery for this year 2016.
    Still I am in home country and I haven’t used L1B visa for travel.

    1. Can I wait till my H1B petition is approved and try for H1B visa stamping
    2. Can I travel US using L1B during the H1B processing time?
    3. Since I have L1B visa already, will there be any challenges in getting H1B visa

    Please suggest me what is the best approach I should take in this case.