Hi All,

I need some help/expert advice.

My H1B is going to expire in last week of Oct 16 and I am currently in US. Lets say petition# is X.
My spouse is in India and she has applied for H4 Visa stamping in India. The earliest date she got is sept 3rd week. Her current visa application has reference petition X (main applicant).

This basically leaves her with just 1 month to travel. However, I will have to file extension before that.

What happens if I apply for H1B extension this month?
Scenario - A - My extension Petition (say Y) is under review.
Question 1- Will her visa application be still processed on Petition X?
Scenario - B - My extension petition (say Y) is approved.

Question -2 Will her visa application will automatically get referenced to new petition Y?
Question -3 Is it possible to change DS160 application# ; after getting appointment?