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H1B Visa Stamping and Appointment Dates

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  • H1B Visa Stamping and Appointment Dates


    I am on H1 B visa valid till 09/2018 will be starting on new assignment at new client starting next week, my employer is in the process of filing amended petition in premium processing.

    I am planning for visit to India as i have personal family event Aug 15th, Today when i check wait time for appointments at Hyderabad -93 days and Chennai - 75 days.

    My question is i cannot schedule an appointment until i get my amended petition approved which i am hoping would get by end of this June if there are no RFE's. I can schedule for appointment at certain date in Hyderabad and then keep looking for changing appointment dates on hope that someone might cancel.

    Will it allow me to change consulates if i find an better appointment date in Chennai.

    Can you please share your inputs.

    Thank you for your time.