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Interview waiver program for H1B and H4

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  • Interview waiver program for H1B and H4

    Hi Folks,

    I am on my H1B valid until 18th Sept 2016. I visited India recently along with my family and we had a new born child here. My employer filed my H1B extension for 3 more years and the petition is still under Review. My plan is to go back to the US by 15th of August 2016 along with my family, by getting the H4 done for my new born as well.

    I came to know that new H4 visa will not be approved if the extension petition is still under Review. Can you let me know how far this is true.

    If yes, I am ready to have my petition processed under premium mode by paying all the necessary fees. If that gets approved soon under premium mode, I will be able to get H4 for my new born. Now, as I told you my H1 will be expired on 18th Sept 2016 and the H4 for my wife and first kid also expires on 18th Sept 2016. Below are my questions :

    1. Will we be able to travel on 15th Aug 2016 (Only one month of visa and I-94 is left over) without any issues at the port of entry ? Or, do we need to go for a fresh stamping for all 3 of us ?

    2. If we need to go for a fresh stamping, are we eligible for Interview Waiver Program or do we need to make an appointment at the consulate ?

    Any quick help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,