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Preponing H4-visa appointment at Chennai Consulate

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  • Preponing H4-visa appointment at Chennai Consulate


    I'm working in US on H1-b and I got married recently. For my wife, we could manage to get a h4-visa appointment date of July 25th.

    Is there someway in which I can prepone the appointment?

    FYI - We've already paid the fees at the HDFC bank and we've taken this appointment date. Under the current rules, we can take a new earlier-date appointment only after cancelling existing appointment.

    Specifically I've the following questions:
    1. In general, does anyone know a procedure or consultant for this?
    2. Is there any specific time at which the cancellations are updated on the appointments website (https://www.vfs-usa.co.in/Home.aspx), or is it updated on a rolling basis(i.e., updated whenever there is a cancellation).
    3. After cancelling my appointment, can I reuse my HDFC-barcode and passport for getting a new appointment ( or is there a delay of few mins)?

    Thanks a lot!

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    The VFS website shows up any open slots immediately after somebody has done a cancellation.

    You can reschedule your current appt date to another date without cancelling ur current appt only ONCE. After that if you would like to reschedule you have to cancel your existing appt and then rebook. You can follow the link on the top of the page which says reshedule/cancel appts.