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Job transfer on I-140 approved petition

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  • Job transfer on I-140 approved petition

    I am currently on my 7th year of H1B. I have an approved I-140 for about a year now with priority date of May-2015. My current H1B expires in 6 months. I am planning to switch from my current company A to a new company B who are saying that they will start my GC only after a year.

    1. When I do H1B transfer to company B do I get H1B for 6 months or 3 years.
    2. Will I lose my priority date if my Company A revokes my I-140 during this 1 year.
    3. If I switch to Company C say in about 10 months of being in company B and company C also has the same clause that I need to be there for about 1 year before they start my GC process, will that risk my GC process or priority date, do I need to wait in company B till I have my I-140 before moving over to company C.

    Please Help !