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H!B - Amendment and Extension Question

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  • H!B - Amendment and Extension Question

    Hi All,

    I have moved to a different client but still working for same employer . Since my current H1B -I94 is valid till Jan 2017 , my employer filed amendment + extension for my new project location , where i got my receipt number as well. Now i am moving to a different client but in same city . I need to know below informations . Please advice .

    -> Do i need to have another amendment raised , since i am moving to a different client ?
    -> Will there be any impact on my current amendment + extension ?
    -> Do my employer need to refile extension for me or the existing one will be fine ?
    -> if i get RFE , during my move to new client from this current one , which documents i need to provide , the one on which the current petition is raised or the one from new client , like end client letter , SOW, MSA , etc.,,
    -> is it better to do premium for my current petition and get the amendment + extension approved before moving to new client ?

    Please advice ,
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