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H1B visa approved after October 1st

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  • H1B visa approved after October 1st

    I am currently working with company X on L1B visa and a contracting house has filed H1B as COS for me this year.Fortunately i was picked in the lottery ,but its not approved yet and no RFE too until now.
    My question is if my visa is approved after October 1st (if in online case status I see its approved),how long I can work with my present employer and how can I know my H1b visa start date ?

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    Ditto Situation

    Same situation bro..as per my knowledge ,the day you see your petition is approved..you are out of L1 status and in H1 status..you should stop on that very day...but this is my opinion perceived by reading other blogs...I also need to make sure that...


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      But I will need to service 2 weeks notice period at the least.So you say when you see the status change online ,that's the same day our status changed to H1B officially?