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I 94 and related H4 query

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  • I 94 and related H4 query

    Hello all

    My friend's I 94 finishes in Jan 2017 although he has valid H1B till June 2017. But his wife and son (both H4) has got I 94 till June 2017. I have the following questions to be solved:-

    1. Is it possible for him to go and come back from India if he applies for an extension of I 94?

    2. Is it possible for his wife and son to go to India and come back again within June 2017(without him in case he is not permitted)?? Will they face any problems in the POE if his(H1B holder) I 94 is under extension process??

    3. If all three of them goes back to India after the expiry of I 94 will they be required to visit the visa office again before they come back within June 2017??

    Please help friends,