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H1b request for help

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  • H1b request for help

    Dear Admins/Members,

    Request for your help on my situation.

    I was working with company A on h1 with approved transfer h1b valid till 2018, but h1 was revoked as my employment terminated in May 2016 and I had my first visa stamping valid till August 2016.
    In June I got offer from Company B. Current company B filed my h1b petition starting June 2016 but under regular processing.
    Now I have a better offer from company C.
    1. Can I initiate another transfer with C while one with B is in process, (h1b premium processing is possible with C)?
    2. What happens to my application with employer B?
    3. Do I have to wait for approval for company B?
    4. What happens to my work status with company B, if the second application (company C) is also in process?
    5. What are the implications for future specifically in case of GC?

    Please let me now your suggestions and please share information.

    Thank you in advance.