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H1-B Transfer question

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  • H1-B Transfer question

    This question is for one of my friend. He is in India. He got H1-B from company A. He also got H1-B VISA stamped on his passport. He has been waiting for company A to call him to US for past 2 months. Now company wants to transfer his H1-B. Company B says to enter US on company A's H1-B multiple and then they will transfer his H1-B to their company's name and it will be much faster.

    Do you think he should transfer his H1-B by coming to US or transfer can be done by staying in India? I would appreciate if somebdoy can answer this.

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    He cant transfer his H1B from India & when he enter here in US he need to start with company A first.


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      Visa interview appointment on old H1?? New one not yet approved !!

      hi Could someone please advise me on the following situation:

      I have an H1 from company A and my job is getting over on 31st March. I recently applied for H1 transfer with company B which will take atleast 2 months to come. I have to go to India for 2 months. I was planning to come back on my new H1 after getting it stamped. Now the problem is if I wait till my new H1 approval comes which will be sometime in June, I won't get any interveiw date for another 4-5 months i.e. until Oct-Dec. But I want to come back in July. Is it possible that I take the date based on the current H1 and the petition no and change that in the application once I get the new H1?? Would they let me do it without taking the new date?

      I would highly appreciate an early reply. Even if I go for premium processing, it will take atleast 20 days and by then the visa dates would go far back.



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        H1 transfer if passport changes -pls advise

        Hi - I am an NZ resident with Indian passport moving to US - my husband is on H1 in US - I want to move to US on H1 but in 3 months I will become an NZ citizen and have an NZ passport (i hve NZ citizenship but hve to attend ceremony to take the passport) - I am not sure if I should wait for 3 months (i hve visitors visa to fall back upon) until i receive NZ passport and then apply for H1 or can I apply for H1 on Indian passport and then get it transffered to my NZ passport ? will i have to re-apply again or simply a transfer can be done? -
        (my issue is if i do goto US now and i do get H1 i hve to get it stamped before comming to NZ for my ceremony - in which case when i return to US i cant legally travel on Indian passport - this is confusing situation someone pls advise)