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Fired after I-140 Approval,last months in H1 what's my options

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  • Fired after I-140 Approval,last months in H1 what's my options

    My H1 visa (including recaptures) will expire January, 2017 and my company applied to PERM on May 2016. In other words, they missed the 5th year. Luckily my PERM was approved in August 2016 and I'll also get my I-140 approval in a few days (October 2016) with premium process. (I'm from a European country and my status is current)

    On the other hand, after I-140 approval, my company will fire me due to financial problems in November 2016. For this reason, they don't give me an offer letter, and so I can't apply to I-485. Under these circumstances:

    1. If I find another position, can I change my job? (Some says yes, some says no. They say due to 5th year rule, I can't use AC21 act)
    2. If so, can I extend my visa beyond January 2017 with the new company?
    3. If so, can I use my existing green card application and apply to I-485 with the new company's offer?
    4. If I can't find anything until they fire me, can I stay here between November 2016 and January 2017?
    5. If I can find something in December but not November, is that okay and can I start with the new company?